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Hi there,

My wife Susan and I would like to welcome you to our essori.com website. My name is Jeff, and I am currently a full time teacher in Hong Kong and this site is one of our small steps into the internet world.  You will find that most of the content will be curated from articles on Education, sometimes Montessori (which inspired the name) sometimes not, yet all of it will be things we find interesting or unique.

My wife Susan was so inspired when she read about the self directed and motivated, yet skilfully guided way that Montessori teaching works, she went and studied it.  As such we will both be leaving our mark on this site at various times, perhaps you will be able to tell who wrote what.. Let’s see!

If you wish to leave us a message, please use the Contact Us page and we will get back to you as soon as we can! Constructive comments and suggestions are welcome.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

Kind regards