As parents try to find more suitable schools for their children, by  doing their own research, the Montessori method is starting to become more popular.  Teachers and parents really want to start to open up  the method to the world and explain exactly what goes on.  It is scientifically based which relies on keen observation and targeted instruction with an emphasis on self directed learning.  It aims to allow children to develop at their own pace and continually challenges them along the way.  Anther parent talks about her journey.

Montessori advocates want to demystify the method

(Picture of Montessori Class)

Montessori advocates want to demystify the method

(From Fri, 10 Apr 2015)

Two decades ago, Stacey Constantian discovered Montessori education. Back then, Constantian was the mother of a bright 4-year-old girl who had taught herself to read. Her daughter didn’t fit in at the parent-participation preschool she attended, nor

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