About 5 years ago now, I was doing some research to find something to help one of my students with learning difficulties.  I came across something in a book called “The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge“, it mentioned a lady named Barbara Arrowsmith who had opened a controversial new school in Canada aimed at fixing learning difficulties rather than working around them.


It was backed up by the LATEST brain research on neuroplasticity, but didn’t really get accepted by mainstream education.  The thing was, this lady fixed herself first using some of the exercises that she developed.  I really feel passionate about pioneers like this who persevere because of their own personal experience, and who push through the barriers and the preconceptions people have to bring something like this to children and adults who struggle with learning difficulties.

More recently she released her own autobiography called “The Woman Who Changed Her Brain: How I Left My Learning Disability Behind‘ outlining her own inspiring journey.


I was also very encouraged to read recently that teachers in Australia are starting to catch on. (See the following linked article in the Sydney Morning Herald)


If you wish to find out more see the Ted Talk and the link to her website below.