Did you know that embracing Vulnerability helps us (humankind) to have a positive outlook on life, deal with our failures and ultimately change our lives for the better.

I just watched these two awesome videos about Vulnerability and Shame. What an awesome topic for a world today that is online and visible to all. How can we be vulnerable and safe so that we can have authentic relationships with each other and with our children. Especially our children.

What is key to making sure that we bring up children that can live in this modern world and thrive. How can we ensure that they grow, are positive and have the right attitude.

It turns out that Vulnerability and the issue of Shame are central to many of these things in our lives.

Perhaps these videos can answer some of those questions for you like they did for me or at least challenge you to consider them. They up there with some of the top videos ever seen on TED.

For me this was definitely worth watching. The rest is best said by Brené Brown, who has struggled with and studied this topic in depth.

Hope you enjoy them. (Each video is around 20min long)


[youtube iCvmsMzlF7o 320 200]

[youtube psN1DORYYV0 320 200]